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There are certain things you need to have in mind before and after we have carried out our work. Our extensive experience allows us to deduce some universal tips for duct and attic maintenance we want to share with you. Have a look!

Check your attic is properly vented

For optimal functioning of your roof, perform a ventilation inspection. Check your attic for telltale signs of moisture. This usually means poor ventilation. Make sure the attic vents are clean and unobstructed with objects such as boxes, furniture, etc. The fans, too, need to have their blades turning freely and smoothly. Be cautious, though, as some fan blades are quite sharp. A well-functioning insulation is an integral part of every healthy attic.

Check for signs of mold growth in and around your ductwork

If there is visible mold growth in the ductwork or other parts of your HVAC system, make sure you act as early as possible to prevent further infestation. Mold can cause more problems than just a bad odor – the bacteria is a potential health concern, especially in those who are prone to allergies.

Seal any gaps and cracks in your attic

The best time to do this is during daylight. Look for any streams of light passing through the cracks and seal the holes off accordingly. Cracks in your attic can initially cause barely noticeable problems, like drafts and minor leaks. However, the situation can deteriorate down the road and lead to expensive repairs. If you believe the cracks are a part of a bigger problem in your house, call a professional to inspect your attic.

Perform regular check-ups of your HVAC system

Check your thermostat to make sure your system is keeping your house comfortable when you’re in and saves you energy when you are away. Lastly, check for condensation within your ductwork. The last thing you want is water damage or increased moisture levels! If you suspect there’s something wrong, don’t hesitate calling our professionals for assistance.

Look out for pests in your attic

Rats, mice, bats, squirrels, and other pests love attic spaces for their shelter and warmth. In case you spot any signs of rodent infestation, such as droppings, urine, chewed-up debris, or damaged furniture, make sure to act on it immediately. A rodent infestation can present a serious health concern as these critters often carry diseases. After you have your attic exterminated, make sure to have it professionally cleaned and rodent-proofed, so that the culprits never return.

Prevent mold growth in your attic

Moisture finds its way into your attic in the sneakiest ways. Check that your roofing isn’t leaking or drafty and ensure your ductwork system operates normally. High level of moisture provides a breeding ground for mold, which can cause harsh allergies. If needed, hire a professional company for a mold remediation service.


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