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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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A dryer is an electrical appliance that's meant to make our lives a lot easier. Instead of having to hang out each article of clothing and wait for it to dry, we can simply shove it all into the dryer and after a short wait everything is dry and ready to be folded and placed in the closet. But the dryer does require our attention from time to time if we want it to maintain its effective and efficient performance. We're talking about removing accumulated fibers and lint build-ups of course.

Removing Fibers from the Dryer

After each use, it is recommended to remove the fabric fibers caught at the designed drawer. Simply remove it with your hand and carefully discard it in the trash. But that's not all, when you use a vent, fibers and lint find their way there, too. Now, that's something that's not usually on our mind. Neglecting to clean it will lead to fibers and dust accumulating and to lint build-ups that will block the dryer vent and can result in inefficient energy consumption and in danger of fire (when the dryer over-exerts and when the heat has no way of escaping the house).
Removing the fibers after each and every use and cleaning the vent from the outside with a simple lint brush from time to time will allow your dryer to work properly and will also help it last much longer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Professional dryer vent cleaning services will restore its functionality in most cases and will prevent associated dangers. If your dryer works just fine but the clothes come out moist then this service might solve the problem. Our technicians will locate the vent's opening on the outside of the house and use specifically designed equipment to make sure all lint build-ups are cleared and that warm air can freely flow out of the house through the vent.

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More Useful Information

How often do I need to clean my dryer vent?

It is recommended that dryer exhaust vents be inspected and cleaned by a professional anywhere from one to three times per year to ensure a clear flow from the dryer to the outside. The frequency depends on a number of factors including the size of the dryer and the frequency of usage. But the most important issue is the width of the vent – narrow ones are more likely to become clogged more often, so they need to be cleaned regularly, and in addition, they generate more pressure on the dryer so they also need to be inspected often. The most common sign that the vent should be cleaned is when the clothes take longer to dry than normally, or that the outside of the machine seems to be getting too hot.

Can you clean a dryer vent with a leaf blower or from outside?

The best and most effective method to clean the dryer vent from the outside is to attach a reverse spinning skipper ball through the length of the vent up to the dryer. With this special tool it is possible to generate strong enough airflow that clears all the debris and accumulated lint. Some homeowners try to emulate the process by using an electric leaf blower, hoping to push the lint through the vent. Don't do this. There are many drawbacks to this method, which sometimes results in the opposite of the intended outcome (lint goes back into the dryer!) and can even damage the tubing.

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