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Home Maintenance In La Porte TX

Keeping even a modest apartment, shop, or condominium clean and its attic and air ducts clean is a time consuming process that requires a lot of effort, and often technical knowledge, to do a good job at. If you’re responsible for a larger building, the task can become absolutely daunting. The team at Duct & Attic Cleaning Experts offers our long menu of home care services for home and business owners from all walks of life, at affordable prices and with effective solutions that are sure to create lifelong customers.

The Best Value In Saved Time

Time is money. Keeping an attic in prime condition is difficult to balance with a full time job, and hiring specialized companies for your carpets, attic, ventilation systems, and the like means more appointments to work around and more fees to pay. In addition to offering reasonable rates to for carpet, air duct, and attic cleaning and decontamination, our team of diverse home maintenance specialists can take care of most or all of the work that needs doing in a minimal amount of time, and with a single, consolidated price. This includes rodent proofing, crawl space cleaning, and all sorts of other services, including mold removal and remediation.

Any Service, Anywhere Near La Porte TX

Our air duct and attic cleaning team can be knocking at any door within La Port municipal limits, with minimal to no delay. Our services include cleaning, insulating/proofing, and maintenance for residential and commercial establishments alike, from attics to crawlspaces. Since opening for business, our team has handled rodent problems, leaks, flooded crawlspaces, and clogged HVAC devices and ducts in almost every neighborhood. If you’re not sure about whether a specific service or location falls within our purview, feel free to explore our site to learn more, or just call and ask!

Here Are Some Of The Duct & Attic Cleaning Services We Provide In La Porte TX:

Attic Cleaning

Attics tend to quickly become cluttered, impassable spaces that you can barely retrieve anything from, let alone clean and insulate. A dirty attic is worse than just an eyesore, though; attics are highly exposed to weather conditions that can eventually cause leaks and cold drafts, and any place left undisturbed for long enough is liable to attract black mold, mice, or rats, which can easily spread to the rest of the building. Our team provides holistic space clearing, cleaning, and rodent proofing for attics and lofts.

Attic Insulation Replacement

Getting your attic reorganized and cleaned is just part of its maintenance requirements. From time to time, the thermal insulation will need replacement as it gets matted with years of moisture and dirt, and the sealant around the roof seams and other structural weak points will eventually be eaten away by temperature changes, rain, and dew, leading to cold drafts and leaks. You can’t keep your attic clean if it’s literally rotting; get it air sealed and insulated to ensure that that never happens.

Carpet Cleaning

Sweeping and vacuuming is good enough for day-to-day housecleaning. However, dirt, hair, and other waste will gradually build up deep inside of the carpeting too deep to be reached by such means, which will eventually lead to a stiff, drab carpet, a foul smelling room, and potentially a health hazard. Our team packs a high-intensity steam cleaner that will blast your carpets clean all the way down to the roots. People are often stunned to see their carpets and rugs restored to their original hue and luster by a proper, professional cleaning session.

Air Duct Cleaning

Ventilation systems acquire shocking amounts of dirt over time, thanks to the concentration effect of the typical HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Having that much dirt building up in your air ducts means you’ll be breathing contaminated air whenever you're indoors. Possibly worse is the fact that for every dust particle that gets into your vents, many more will be left in your HVAC filter. Our air duct service team offers HVAC filter replacement and intake care as well as cleaning the ducts.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The wide pipe or duct leading out of most laundry dryers is for sending evaporated water away from the chamber, and a lot of cloth lint gets launched out along with it. Eventually, that lint can build up inside the pipe and start to clog it. At best, this can make your dryer stop working, or even break down. At worst, the mass of lint accumulating inside the dryer vent can be the source of a deadly house fire; according to the United States Fire Administration, over 700 fires per year could be prevented by keeping dryer vents clean and clear. The service team at Duct & Attic Cleaning Experts is available for exactly that!

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