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Home Maintenance In Pasadena TX

Most people seem to be ashamed of at least one part of their houses, and usually more than one. More often than not, it's the attic, the crawl space, or the air ducts. In truth, it’s nothing to be ashamed of; a modern home or business is a complicated thing full of materials, machinery, and infrastructure that most of us don’t know how to properly care for even when the time and energy to do so are available. All it takes is a call, though, and local residents and business owners can have one of the best attic and air duct cleaning and proofing teams in TX come right to the given address, for rock bottom prices.

Appointments Are Easy To Schedule in Pasadena TX

You have all sorts of needs, including some time sensitive ones. Our team here at Duct & Attic Cleaning Experts makes it a point to keep ourselves as open as possible throughout the work week, to minimize the delay between your phone call and them knocking at your door. Thanks to our collection of eclectic home maintenance and cleaning services, you can have everything that needs doing taken care of in just one or two consolidated appointments with consolidated pricing instead of needing to hire a different company each for carpets, crawlspaces, and dryer vents.

Anywhere Near Pasadena

As long as you give us an address within the municipal borders, our air duct and attic cleaning team can be right on the way. Our clients include the owners of houses, stores, restaurants, and even condominiums and apartments; as far as our team is concerned, carpeting is carpeting and air ducts are air ducts. The most important thing to every employee of our company is making sure that our customers are left with nothing but good experiences with Duct & Attic Cleaning Experts, so flexibility and accessibility are our priorities.

Here Are Some Of The Duct & Attic Cleaning Services We Provide in Pasadena TX:

Attic Cleaning

Attics need to be cleared, dusted, and have fresh installation installed periodically to prevent dirt and moisture from eating away at them. It’s easy to forget you even have an attic, if you don’t need to get things out and put them back in there very often, and even if you do there’s likely a back corner that you haven’t seen in years. Dust, mold, and leaks are the eventual outcome of a neglected attic, but clearing the space to work on them is a process not many people have the time for. Let us help you out!

Crawlspace Cleaning

Crawlspaces have many of the same issues as attics. They’re easy to forget about, vulnerable to decay and moisture, and become an open invitation for rats, insects, and other pests if you leave them undisturbed for too long. If your plumbing or heating systems are under your building, a clean and well kept crawlspace is vital for keeping your infrastructure running. Crawlspaces pose an additional problem when it comes to clearing, cleaning, and insulating them, in that they’re so difficult to light and provide little space to work. This is a job for professionals!

Air Duct Cleaning

Ventilation shafts need to be kept clean and clear in the name of a comfortable indoor environment, but that’s not the only reason. Air conditioning and heating devices move a huge volume of air through those ducts over the course of a particularly hot or cold season, and all the dust and other particulates that get sucked up build up inside of the system. Air duct cleaning intake and exhaust vents, replacing HVAC filters, and clearing blockages is vital for keeping your AC system running.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

If there’s one air duct you really, really don’t want to have problems with, it’s the one that removes waste heat and vaporized water from your laundry dryer. Hundreds of house fires, some of them deadly, happen every year because of flammable lint building up and clogging the dryer vent, surrounded by high intensity heat and perilously close to electrical wires. Keeping your dryer vent clean, clear, and fully pneumatic is at least as much of a safety issue as it is a comfort one!

Rodent Proofing

Rats and mice are very difficult to completely remove from a building and from attics in particular, so it’s best to make sure they never get to establish a foothold in the first place. The cracks, weak spots, and openings that rodents can use to get inside aren’t always obvious, especially if your building has had rodent infestations in the attic in the past that could have left hidden mouseholes. Our pest proofing specialists know exactly where to look to find such vulnerabilities, and how to seal them off for the long term.

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